Introducing Control4 Intercom Anywhere, making mobile phones part of your Control4 intercom experience with apps for iOS and Android. With Intercom Anywhere, homeowners can always see who is at the front door, plus they have a new way to stay connected with their family and control their home.

With a new, dedicated app, Intercom Anywhere is fast and quickly notifies homeowners when someone rings their Control4 DS2 Door Station. See who is at the door before deciding to answer, or simply ignore. And best of all, Intercom Anywhere works virtually anywhere in the world.

More than just a connection to the front door, Intercom Anywhere lets the family stay connected throughout the house.

Family members not answering their phones? While at the store, simply use the Intercom Anywhere app to call from your mobile device into any of the touch screens at home. Need to check in on the kids with the new sitter? Get video-connected to the playroom or any other room to be quickly assured that all is safe and sound.